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Physician Education: Endocrinology

Diagnosing Vitamin D Deficiency

Vitamin D deficiency results in osteoporosis, broken bones, bone pain, and weak muscles.  Michelle Roberts, MD, an endocrinologist at UPMC, says it is important to screen for vitamin D deficiency in patients.

Diagnosing and Treating Pituitary Adenomas: A Multidisciplinary Approach

Susan Challinor, MD, an endocrinologist at UPMC, discusses the diagnosis and treatment of pituitary adenomas and details why a multidisciplinary approach should be considered.

Multidisciplinary Thyroid Center - An Innovative Approach to Diagnosis and Care

Doctors at UPMC believe that thyroid cancer care is improved when delivered in a multidisciplinary setting. Here, patients have access to a variety of medical experts and a complete array of diagnostic tools in real time, under one roof, and often in a single visit. Dr. Steven Hodak, co-director of UPMC's Multidisciplinary Thyroid Center, explains how specialists at this center diagnose and treat a large volume of thyroid cancer cases each year, and develop a custom treatment plan using advanced tools and procedures such as molecular diagnostic testing and scarless robotic thyroidectomy.

The Role of Bariatric Surgery in Diabetes Care

More than two-thirds of all Americans are overweight or obese. And with obesity comes a host of co-morbid conditions, including Type 2 diabetes. Endocrinologists and bariatric surgeons at UPMC are finding that bariatric surgery now offers obese patients with Type 2 diabetes the possibility that their condition will diminish or in some cases, even disappear. Drs. Erin Kershaw and Anita Courcoulas discuss the importance of early referral and the role bariatric surgery plays in diabetes management.

Innovative Approaches to Osteoporosis Research

Doctors at UPMC are researching novel treatments, studying new populations, and using new diagnostic tools to help patients diagnosed with osteoporosis lead fuller more active lives. Endocrinologists and metabolic bone specialists are among a large number of doctors at UPMC doing metabolic bone research to help those diagnosed with osteoporosis to live a higher quality of life.

Using Telemedicine to Advance Diabetic Care in Underserved Areas

The University of Pittsburgh Diabetes Institute and UPMC is using telemedicine to help bring endocrinologists to patients in underserved areas. This effort also supports primary care physicians and nurse educators who often care for patients in rural areas.