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Physician Education: Geriatrics

Exceptional Aging

Anne Newman, MD, MPH, of the Aging Institute of UPMC Senior Services shares research that indicates old age may be a productive and active period of life that far exceeds previous expectations.

Addressing Driver Cessation with the Elderly

Amelia Gennari, MD, a geriatrician at UPMC says it is often difficult for physicians to know when to say an older person should stop driving but if they rely on family feedback and a few quantitative measures, they may be able to play an important role in this sensitive issue.

Making the Case for Employee Influenza Immunizations

Nearly ninety percent of all deaths from influenza occur in people age 65 years of age and the elderly living in long term care facilities are among those most susceptible. David Nace, MD, chief of medical affairs for UPMC Senior Communities, says that although the push to immunize health care workers has been in existence for more than 20 years, it is only just recently that the idea is taking hold.