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Physician Education: Rehabilitation

Use of Technology in Stroke Rehabilitation

Increased awareness of neuroplasticity and the brain’s ability to remodel after injury has spurred a host of innovation and technology to promote recovery after stroke.   Jennifer Shen, MD, a physiatrist at the UPMC Rehabilitation Institute says new technology  enables therapists to be more effective and that soon, this technology may become the standard of care in stroke rehabilitation.

New Milestone in Brain Computer Interface

Physicians and researchers at the UPMC Rehabilitation Institute are now using single unit recording to conduct brain to computer interface studies, resulting in increased movement due to higher degrees of freedom.

Robotic Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation physicians on the forefront of advanced technology are using robotics daily in clinical and research settings to help patients recover more quickly and with less emotional and physical strain.

Specialty Medical Homes for Patients with Spina Bifida

Today, because of advancements in medical care, those with spina bifida are living into their 70s and 80s. This has demonstrated the need for a new field of medicine - wellness care for adults with spina bifida. Dr. Brad Dicianno, of UPMC's Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, says it is important to proactively manage patients' health by establishing specialty medical homes. By doing so, hospitalizations may be reduced and the patients' quality of life may be enhanced.

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy: A Non-Surgical Option for Muscle, Tendon, and Ligament Injuries

Megan Cortazzo, MD, vice-chair of Outpatient Services, Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at UPMC, discusses the benefits of PRP therapy and why it should be considered.

Multidisciplinary Concussion Care

For years, it was believed that a small amount of rest was all that was needed to treat a concussion, but physicians are now aware this is not the case. Concussion specialists at UPMC discuss how concussions need to be treated from a variety of perspectives. This is most effective when done in a multidisciplinary setting. Concussion care at UPMC offers patients individualized treatment and access to a variety of medical specialties under one roof, helping them to meet their maximum potential as quickly as possible.